Melt beauty

You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in  you 

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​Hey there! First of all, I want to welcome you to my digital world, yay!
I am Michelle Tang, born and raised in The Netherlands, the Mecca of Marijuana :)

I moved to Hong kong since 2008 and am living here ever since. 

I've always been passionate about make up & beauty from a young age. I first started with stealing my mom's favourite Chanel lipstick and creatively draw my face with it.

(I don't think she was very happy with that) Getting older I became that stereotype of girl who always wears a lot of make up to high school. Not until my uni years where I did my intern at the headquarter of a hair & beauty salon, did I start to really invest in some professional make up products. It was also here where I started to really love doing hair & make-up. 

My job as a flight attendant gives me perfect opportunity to experiment with different up do's and make up, and wear them every time I need to fly. Being able to fly all over the world, work with people with different nationalities and meet passengers with different nationalities really expand my horizon. Like nothing really shocks or surprises me anymore. No matter what people do. Our experiences in a metal tube at 37.000 feet high is beyond imagination. But don't get me wrong, this job has its perks; I get to fly to all corner of the world to shop for the best make up & beauty products! And don't forget the margarita's on a white sand beach in Maldives :) 

Having lived in the east and the west, allows me to see the beauty standards in both cultures. Western beauty is oh so different than what Asia thinks is beautiful. I think, as long as you believe in yourself and have an positive attitude, your true beauty will shine from within. There are only flaws, if you see them as flaws. Work with what you have, be a heart melting beauty by first accepting yourself!

I created Melt Beauty to represent and symbolise my life's passion in the art of beauty. It started out just for fun but I'm slowly and surely building up my experiences and qualifications. I hope you like what you see and hope you'll get inspired to be a heart melting beauty! 

Michelle Tang


Song of Solomon 4:7

Melt  bEAUTY